ABOUT USOctober 17th, 2013 Ryan holds a Master in Business Administration Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.  He resides in Southern Oregon with his beautiful wife of five years,...


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Everyone needs a little guidance in their career. Even the most successful entrepreneurs in the world are looking for new ways to innovate and enhance their business skills. With an extensive business education and experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and accounting, I can help you in many different ways. See below for more information.

Attracting New Customers

attract customer

Attracting new leads is what separates success from failure. Repeat customers are important, but retention rates wane over time. Having an influx of new customers will give your business that boost that it needs.

I have many innovative ways to attract new customers that I can almost guarantee that your competition is not doing. Because I don’t offer similar coaching to multiple businesses in the same geographic area, make sure that I help guide the way for you and not them.

Marketing Coaching

Successful Strategy

I’ve interviewed dozens of business owners and 95% are not marketing correctly. They are either using methods that flat don’t work anymore or aren’t utilizing the many new platforms for successful marketing that surround us.

Are you tired of wasting your money on marketing that you either can’t track or just isn’t working like it used to? No, there’s not an app for that. But there is someone ready to step up to the plate and help you implement a successful marketing campaign.

Business Coaching

Global Communication

Do you ever have the feeling that you could be much more efficient? Nearly all entrepreneurs feel this way. Sometimes you are so used to doing something a certain way that you don’t realize it can be done in a better and more efficient way.

I will help you design a custom-tailored battle plan to be more efficient and increase your bottom line. We’ll start by pinpointing areas for improvement and implement a plan based off our findings.

Search Engine Optimization

3d SEO search engine optimization as concept

Having your business website on the first page of Google for locally targeted keywords can substantially increase your customer base and subsequently increase your sales. Did you know that there are a few little known methods to do this quickly?

I can help you target those competitive local keywords and rank on the first page (and hopefully the top spot) on Google. You can easily do this yourself with my guidance or outsource it for pennies on the dollar.